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Owsley Brown III

Produced By
Brown Burke Productions

Editor and Cinematographer (Paris and Oaxaca)
Nathaniel Dorsky

Cinematographers (Tangier)
David John Golia
Gene Salvatori

Cinematographer (New York)
Rudy Burckhardt

Additional Times Square Neon
Jerome Hiler

Associate Producer
Cynthia K. Gimbel

Assistant Director
Don Simandl

Paul Bowles
Philip Ramey
Abdelouahaid Boulaich
Joseph A. McPhillips III
Karim Jihad Achouatte

Music Consultant
Phillip Ramey

Field Audio
Geoff Maxwell
Mark Noderer

On-Line Editor
Ed Rudolph, Video Arts

Audio Post Production
Steven Bravin, Robert Berke Sound

Telecine Supervisor
Anne O'Toole

John Carlson

Additional Photography Courtesy of
Paul Bowles
Rudy Burckhardt
Irene Herrmann
Phillip Ramey

Camera Assistants
Barry Congrove
Suzanne Trucks

Production Managers
Ali Bakkioui Elotmani
Don Simandl

Production Assistants
Karim Achouatte
Emily Gordon
Kenneth Lisenbee
Clay Morton

Location Grip Truck
ZAK Productions

Assistant to Producer
Rita Wadghiri

Location Drivers
Abdelhadi Atta
Ahmed Hamdan

Victoire Reynal Brown

Laurene Scalf

Motion Control Photography
Six Foot Two

Camera Package
Panavision Hollywood
Otto Nemenz International

Film Laboratories
DuArt Film and Video
Monaco Film and Video
Forde Motion Picture Labs
Dorsky Hand Processing

Special Contributors

Nathaniel Dorsky, Editor and Cinematographer

Dorsky's documentary editorial credits include The Spirit of Crazy Horse, What Happened to Kerouac, and The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg. Dorsky is also a noted avant-garde filmmaker in his own right. Besides editing Night Waltz he contributed the footage to accompany Bowels' music for the Paris and Oaxaca sequences.

Rudy Burckhardt, Cinematographer and Still Photographer

Burckhardt is one of America's original independent filmmakers. He has made over 100 films, all of which he shot and edited himself. Burckhardt's interest in Night Waltz resulted in his donating still photographs and three of his most noted films to accompany Paul Bowles's music in the New York City sequence: Up and Down the Waterfront (1946), The Climate of New York (1948), and Under the Brooklyn Bridge (1953).

Eos Orchestra

Eos was founded in 1995 when Artistic Director Jonathan Sheffer invited Paul Bowles to return to the U.S. for a festival of Bowles's then unknown music at Lincoln Center. The Eos Orchestra seeks to re-imagine the live music experience with a focus on re-discovery of important neglected works and composers and the stimulation visual presentation of its carefully curated concert programs.

...quite distinct from the conventional...superb, effectively structured and beautifully photographed.
IndieWIRE, February 26, 2000
...likeable, informative, and light-fingered...
New York Times, January 3, 2001

Truer Than Fiction Award
Independent Spirit Award

Best Documentary Feature
Hamptons International Film Festival