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Meet 27-year-old Teddy Abrams, the youngest Music Director of a major American orchestra.

Last year the struggling Louisville Orchestra took the bold step of naming young conductor and rising star Teddy Abrams as incoming Music Director for 2014. This move marks the beginning of a new chapter in the orchestra’s inspiring and surprising story. Owsley Brown Presents, producers of the historical documentary about the Louisville Orchestra, Music Makes A City (PBS broadcasts 2014-2018), is filming this exciting year and creating documentary webisodes for release on YouTube and social media.

SEASON ONE (14 episodes) follows 27-year-old conductor, composer and rising star Teddy Abrams, a man on a mission to revitalize the Louisville Orchestra in his first year as Music Director, and discover and connect with the local music culture. The first three episodes are now available online.

Music Makes A City Now is not only a musical comeback story, but an exploration of arts advocacy and leadership, the intersection of civic community and arts culture, how music benefits society, and the value of new music and music education.

Music Makes A City Now can now be viewed online at PBS Arts!!

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Anne Flatté

In music, somehow we’ve created this emotional language out of pure abstraction...of all human accomplishments that has to rank up there with some of the greatest.
— Teddy Abrams


Anne Flatté

Director of Photography
Stephen Kertis

Casey Chalmers
Hunter Wilson
Brett Marshall

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Alan Miller

Casey Chalmers

Series Producers
Anne Flatté
Philip Wilder

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Owsley Brown